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IT Audit & Risk

Do you know everything you need to know about your network, your hardware, your software and licensing, your configuration and its suitability compared to your business needs?.

The role of your IT infrastructure is to be the tool your business units needs.  If it is not delivering those tools, the ability of the business units to deliver on their targets is potentially compromised, or at least made less easy.

Our IT audit  and security will give you the information you need to allow you to make the right decisions:

  •     Are there alterations or additions needed?
  •     Do you have the right OS/applications?
  •     Is your network secure?

Managed Networks IT network audit consists of:

  •   Asset survey of your hardware, software, operating systems, communication links and anything else attached to it

  Functional health check, looking at:

  • The physical condition
  • The network topology and status
  •  An assessment of the suitability of the OS/applications used
  •  A security Assessment, both internally and externally
  •  A verification of the IT sections of your Business Continuity plan
  •  A strategic overview of how your IT systems are delivering against the requirements of the business units within your organisation
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