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Business Continuity


76% of SME businesses have not reviewed their business continuity plans for a long time

If your business is one of this 76% we can help you

Biztech Solutions can provide a thorough analysis of your business continuity (in an IT context) and can act as an independent advisor for this activity or it can be part of an IT network audit; in readiness for Biztech Solutions to become your IT support provider.

Our BCP planning normally follows these steps:

  •     Identify systems to be protected
  •     Identify risks and degree of cover required for each
  •     Agree level of resilience and response time for each system in each risk scenario
  •     Identify physical resources available to UIB (people, sites, equipment)
  •     Identify current BC procedures and systems
  •     Assess correspondence between requirement and current position
  •     (Optionally) test current procedures and systems

This report will include tactical suggestions for improving the performance of existing procedures and systems; brief outlines for procedures and systems to enhance the existing provision on a tactical basis; identification of the voids and significant deficiencies in the overall plan (if any). We will also be pleased to submit our proposal for a fully-worked BCP covering all of the system/scenario matrix.

If you would like to discuss your current business continuity situation, give us a call on +233 28 731 9825